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can you help me find a netbook for music?

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BonniePrinceBilly Tue 23-Nov-10 23:09:50

I want as cheap as can get blush, but the main thing it will be for is music. So I need something with good speakers/sound capability.

Doesn't need to have much memory or do fancy stuff, just need it for internet and music.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.

xBabyGirlx Wed 24-Nov-10 04:44:30

take a look on they have some high quality stuff for bargain prices, I have used them many times for external hard drives and portable mp4 players and some other smaller bits and bobs and they have always been very quick delivery.
another option would be to upgrade an older pc if its purely for music, I updated my old pc and installed a new sound card for about £5 and some extra ram no more than £10 on ebay. so I could run my itunes library purely from one place (its about 400gb of music) you will most likely still need at least 2gb of ram and a p4 processor on a netbook you will be lucky to find one much cheaper than £200.
Good Luck x

TheBeast Thu 25-Nov-10 05:03:31

I find the soundcards in most netbooks to be fine for music but the built in speakers are not, they are small and tinny, so to get decent sound you will need decent external speakers or headphones.

NetworkGuy Thu 25-Nov-10 13:45:05

If at all possible, I would urge the OP to try listening to something (eg through headphones) before buying.

On one laptop I have, there are noises generated by the hard drive electronics going into the audio from the headphone socket (which is at the front edge of the laptop nearest user).

In that particular case the audio from the internal speakers (it is a 15+"Gateway) sound good to me, but given I am playing MP3s or internet radio, the audio is not really up to CD quality anyway.

Of course one disadvantage of most netbooks / nettop pCs is the lack of an optical drive, so no ripping CDs or playing DVDs without extra cost for an external USB unit. (Correct me someone if you can link to netbooks / nettops with DVD/CD player built in.)

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