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Does this netbook look good?

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SprocketRocket Sat 20-Nov-10 16:34:24

Can anyone advise me on whether this looks like a good model? I know next to nothing about computers and it is cheap grin here

160gb hard drive which im guessing is enough for me to download my trashy american tv programs? And windows xp not 7, is that a problem?

NetworkGuy Tue 23-Nov-10 00:50:30

Windows XP is certainly not (in my view) any problem at all - the 160 GB is fine.

Ah, yes, had seen that one on TV ads. Is it price which means you have gone for this, or do you need something portable ?

It was just the thought that if you are downloading for hours at a time, you may need to have the mains charger connected (perhaps via a time switch) so that when the unit is about to shut down from battery being exhausted, it gets recharged...

Leaving it on charger all the time is not ideal for a new machine, so for the same amount of cash, I would probably go for the linux Acer Revo from Ebuyer which has 2 GB of RAM, and can plug into a TV to show your 'trashy' American shows (or a 15+" flat screen, perhaps), or maybe get a s/h XP box on Ebay for under 100 and put the rest into a widescreen LCD. With a nettop (linux at Ebuyer) or mini-tower being designed to be on, could be left for hours downloading whatever you are after.

Probably not what you were after as a suggestion but if you will be downloading for long periods...

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