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Help!!!! Fast please, iMac mouse won't connect ....

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anoknockingmyhousedown Thu 18-Nov-10 11:19:34

Can't use my mac as I just changed batteris in magc mouse and now not connecting! Green light flashing, but nothing else.

I movE house tomorrow and have lots of admin to do before as no phone and broadband at new place for 5 days!

What else can I try? Have switched off , left for a few mins etc bt to no avail.

Help as I am on iPhone and desperate for mac to finish my work ! All the sites I read on phone say unhelpful things like "remove mouse and reinstall"

How can I? I don't have a mouse to navigate through menus! Is there A way to navigate with the keyboard?

Anxiously waiting


BadgersPaws Thu 18-Nov-10 11:50:45

Not sure how to fix the problem but there are some instructions on how to work OS X without a mouse here: -with-only-the-keyboard/

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