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I have a blackberry and laptop- do I need an Ipad or Kindle to be complete?

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BananaGio Fri 05-Nov-10 09:18:01

Know very little about either of them, what do they do? When I go away I have my emails accessed via blackberry. DP bans me from taking laptop on holiday. So am thinking Kindle is the best am I right??

BooBooGlass Fri 05-Nov-10 09:19:41

You don't need any of that crap to be complete. Why even contemplate them if you don't know what they are??? A laptop and blackberry is fine

CMOTdibbler Fri 05-Nov-10 09:21:52

If you don't want them, no. But I have a laptop, Blackberry, and Kindle, but I read a lot, and travel for work so the Kindle works brilliantly for that

BananaGio Fri 05-Nov-10 09:28:01

I read a lot and whenever we go on holiday half the weight is usually the ten odd books I insist on taking which is why am thinking kindle might be useful? Plus I live abroad and usually buy my books on amazon so am thinking it may save me a few quid on postage

CMOTdibbler Fri 05-Nov-10 09:35:10

In that case a Kindle would be great for you - I've gone from toting 6 books around to one thin light Kindle

BananaGio Fri 05-Nov-10 09:36:50

cheers! that's my christmas list sorted then!

RustyBear Sat 06-Nov-10 09:05:46

Or you could download the free Kindle app for your Blackberry and read your books on that. If you download the PC app to your laptop you will be able to pick up reading a book where you left it, no matter which device you are on - I have it on my laptop, my iPad and my iPhone, so I can always pick up my current book.

MmeLindt Sat 06-Nov-10 09:12:35

Will PM you a link to my blog where I reviewed the iPad vs Kindle.

If your dh doesn't like you taking laptop away, he won't like the ipad going. You could get a wifi only iPad so not quite so tempting to MN all holiday.

BananaGio Mon 08-Nov-10 07:28:02

just PM'd you, thanks for that and Kindle it is!

jamaisjedors Tue 09-Nov-10 14:52:19

Mme Lindt can you send me a link too pretty please?

BananaGio Wed 10-Nov-10 20:20:26

anyone know if will be OK getting the UK version (am based in Italy)- when I look on the Amazon site it says need to get the international one sent from

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