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Essential Android apps

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SlightlyMadSpook Thu 04-Nov-10 14:25:17

My shiney new HTC desire has just arrived.

Now I need to install some Apps.

I have been recommended

Any other essentials?

Any other usefuls or even just fun games!?"!?

MimsyStarr Thu 04-Nov-10 14:49:18

If you want a list-making app, Note Me is good. Free one from the market. You can push to your calendar. That is the app I use most.

I got a barcode app, but don't use it much - tend to shop on the internet mainly.

What's Alchemy?

I don't think you need Taskkiller. See how you go first.

Go and check out the Android Forum website. It is slightly OTT but you can learn a lot there.

JarethTheGoblinKing Thu 04-Nov-10 14:51:48

Angry Birds!

I didn't have taskkiller to start with, have installed it now and am amazed at how many programs start themselves up without the phone even being used and it's definitely saving my battery!

FxCamera is pretty good. Not the most amazing quality photo's but has some nice effects.

Tune In Radio is brilliant as well

I don't know what Alchemy is either but don't have wireless or signal (or battery for that matter) so can't check right now

JarethTheGoblinKing Thu 04-Nov-10 14:52:34

Oh, I like the OS atlas app too. Obviously you'll have google maps (and get google earth/street view too) but if navigating I like a 'proper' map [geek]

SlightlyMadSpook Thu 04-Nov-10 14:54:44

Alachemey is an addictive pick me up little game...

SlightlyMadSpook Thu 04-Nov-10 14:55:20

My Desire has just finished charging so I shall start playing as soon as I get in from school run

MimsyStarr Thu 04-Nov-10 14:57:29

If you are not on Unlimited Data, you will need something like 3G Watchdog.

nocake Thu 04-Nov-10 15:08:11

Farm Frenzy - a complete time waster grin

Abduction is good fun.

Handcent is much better SMS app than the built in one.

I use Dolphin as a browser instead of the default one.

I have task killer installed but I don't leave it running as it doesn't make the phone run any faster. It is, however, useful for shutting down apps if you have a problem with them.

bruffin Thu 04-Nov-10 15:22:58

Can you get Angry Birds for phones other than ipod/phone?

I downloaded amamzon kindle yesterday for my HTC wildfire and have got Northanger Abbey to read for free.

I like
simple dice (yahtzee game) and Backgammon

JarethTheGoblinKing Thu 04-Nov-10 15:25:33

Yep, AB is free on the android app store now grin

Kindle, of course.

Ooh, Goggle is always worth a look too

NinjaChipmunk Thu 04-Nov-10 15:46:21

what does task killer do? sounds intering and useful?

NinjaChipmunk Thu 04-Nov-10 15:46:37

that should be interesting!

ThighsBurntOnABigRocket Thu 04-Nov-10 15:49:51

Apparently Pissfl apps is a good one grin

mutable Thu 04-Nov-10 15:58:32

Definitely get dolphin browser- it has 6 tabs... essential for mn!

nocake Thu 04-Nov-10 16:06:10

Task killer allows you to kill off apps that are running. It's supposed to speed the phone up but the operating system manages apps very well so it doesn't actually have much benefit. There is also the risk that you'll kill off something useful..... like the phone app!

bruffin Thu 04-Nov-10 16:19:38

Barcode reader is good, i downloaded amazon kindle using it.

SlightlyMadSpook Thu 04-Nov-10 18:09:10

Task killler isn't really for speeding upphone it is for preserving battery.

bruffin Thu 04-Nov-10 18:19:58

Looks like Angry birds doesn't work on the Wildfire but they seem to be developing one that doessad

lilystar Thu 04-Nov-10 20:38:30

Think Angry Birds is currently only Android 2.2 compatible, and the Wildfire runs 2.1. It's been rumoured for a while that we'll get the upgrade some time this month but I'm not holding my breath.

JarethTheGoblinKing Thu 04-Nov-10 20:39:51

My HTC Desire is 2.1 and angry birds is fine on that...

Try and force a software update on your wildfire and then see if it works (no idea if it will, but it's worth a try )

lilystar Thu 04-Nov-10 20:43:20

As for apps, I'd add something like dropbox for syncing files without plugging in to your computer, and evernote for notes/to do lists. Both are free. You might also look at Vlingo which can read your text messages and do speech to text, I think. I've just downloaded it but I haven't used it yet.

nocake Thu 04-Nov-10 20:56:48

Task Killer doesn't save battery life either. TBH it's a bit pointless.

If you use messenger then try eBuddy.

JarethTheGoblinKing Thu 04-Nov-10 21:01:29

lilystar, can you tell me more about dropbox and how it works please? thanks

nocake, sorry I think you're wrong. My battery life is much improved since I started using taskkiller.

JarethTheGoblinKing Thu 04-Nov-10 21:57:53

Forgot about google sky map.

TeamEdward Thu 04-Nov-10 22:05:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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