HTC Smart - system error

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brassick Sat 25-Sep-10 15:23:27

This is a very long shot, but I can't find any help when I google it.

Dd has an HTC Smart, basically a cut-down version of other HTC phones.

Whenever we turn it on, it starts up, and then goes to a black screen saying "Oops. A system error has occurred. Restarting..."

It stays like that for a few minutes, then goes to the home screen, then goes back to the "oops" screen.

I have removed the battery and SIM card, given everything a good wipe, taken the memory card out, but to no avail.

Anyone have any ideas???

NetworkGuy Sun 26-Sep-10 20:05:13

Visit the shop where it was bought ? Sorry, will check for a 'mobile phone gurus' website but in the meantime, an HTC dealer (pref the source where it was bought) would seem best.

brassick Mon 27-Sep-10 11:30:14

Thanks, I will be grateful if you do manage to find anything out.

We bought it from O2, by phone, not in a shop, so I guess I should take it to an O2 shop...<<sigh>> so dd will be without her phone for months I suppose...

NetworkGuy Thu 30-Sep-10 22:23:18

Sorry, have been looking but no joy so far.

Any luck with an O2 shop - or do they hide behind 'direct sales are nothing to do with us' ?

As for DD - well, a cheap phone will at least allow her to keep in touch and while it may not have the same facilities, will be safer if she is out at parties around Christmas...

(only kidding - hope it's back in a short time!)

brassick Fri 01-Oct-10 14:18:49

Thanks for trying. I haven't had time to go to an O2 shop yet, and tbh don't know if I can be bothered. Dd has dd1's old phone - it's not as cool, but it does the job.

It actually looks like the HTC is working again, but it's done this before, and then stops working while dd is out and about, and it's really inconvenient.

I'm sort of just ignoring the issue until dd starts nagging...

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