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Problem downloading and activating Office 2010

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countingto10 Sat 28-Aug-10 13:19:45

Probably something really obvious. Bought a new laptop for DS and purchased Office Home & Student 2010 as well. Laptop appears to be preloaded with a trial version of Office 2007. Try to download and activate 2010 with Key card, the initial activation screen doesn't appear to download properly, there is a security code to the right that you have to retype as you see it but it isn't there, just a square box with a little red cross in the top left corner if that makes sense.

I have tried turning off firewall and all anti virus stuff to see if that has prevented proper downloading of images etc but to no avail.

Anyone any ideas ??


NetworkGuy Mon 30-Aug-10 22:24:40

"just a square box with a little red cross in the top left corner if that makes sense."

That's commonly used in a web browser to indicate a graphic image was missing, or didn't download properly. If it is essential for registration of the s/w then I think your best bet if it happens again/repeatedly would be to take a screen shot (press ALT + PrtScrn) and then paste that into MS Paint (or some similar graphic image editor) so you can save a copy of the web browser window to show Microsoft as you may need to contact them about not being able to register the s/w properly...

NetworkGuy Mon 30-Aug-10 22:24:56

1) if you haven't already done so, would suggest you use the Control Panel and Add/remove Programs (or possibly different name under Windows 7, which I assume laptop is running) to uninstall MS Office 2007

2) were you using MS internet Explorer or some other browser ?

countingto10 Tue 31-Aug-10 08:01:49

Thanks for that NetworkGuy. Having gone through the MS support forums, a couple of people had the same problem. The responses were to delete any existing versions of MS Office (I had a trial version of 2007 pre installed on the laptop) and also delete the automatic activation tool for it.

It seemed to do the trick - obviously a "conflict of interest" it was picking up on.

Anyway I now have one happy DS1 (who has AS and was stressing about it) grin

NetworkGuy Tue 31-Aug-10 14:06:39

The inclusion of pre-installed junk software is a pain - seems so many new machines have Norton or some other security software...

Was installing a new PC the other day and had to remove a few bits and bobs for my client.

Glad you got your PC sorted out.

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