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Anyone else waiting for their Kindle 3

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SandyisinCaldwell Thu 26-Aug-10 13:23:24

or is it just me who is excited grin

haggisaggis Thu 26-Aug-10 13:29:51

I think I might be...dh ordred me something for my birthday at end of July but told me it wouldn't be available until end AUgust (after my birthday). I read a lot, I think it's something techy and dd pointed at something on the Gadget Show and said that was what daddy was getting me for my birthday! (could end up being something totally different mind yoy)

SandyisinCaldwell Thu 26-Aug-10 13:33:06

I too read a lot and can't wait to get my hands on it - I ordered mine the first day it was on Amazon - just checked my order and says it is ready to be dispatched today or tomorrow but I know there are already people who have received theirs today.

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