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MarthaSlatternStewart Thu 05-Aug-10 15:53:04

Just logged ds on.

OMG its pure commercialism(sp), its all advertisements
so far I have seen adverts for Cats & Dogs,
Ben 10 and now Transformers toys, he's only been on 10 minutes!

I'm sorry I gave in to my just Club Penguin rule, but he has the biggest blue eyes and the girls have been playing with dolls all day, I felt sorry for him,

But OMG it really does look crap, and I think you can send personal messages which is why I said no to Moshi Monsters

Anyway just thought I would warn you all

MarthaSlatternStewart Thu 05-Aug-10 16:05:17

Gets worse just went to video game cinema

7 adverts for video games

the Ben10 one is age 12, what age is this site aimed for,
Fed up with these cheap imitations of Club Penguin,

think they need to be clearer anout their content in the parents guide!!angry

MarthaSlatternStewart Thu 05-Aug-10 17:17:14


brimfull Thu 05-Aug-10 17:19:38

god ds was member
he lost interest after a week
I carried on paying for about 4 months before I got around to figuring out how to cancel

he's just asked for Club Penguin member again but i am staying strong this time

MarthaSlatternStewart Thu 05-Aug-10 17:29:22

I don't mind club penguin,

I have let ds stay on it for awhile as I felt bad but have just seen a weevil called snotface, so I have told him no more

snotface wouldn't even be approved on club penguin as a username

I really can't get over the amount of advertising for toys & films on it, at least with Club penguin I knew what I was letting myself in for

MarthaSlatternStewart Thu 05-Aug-10 17:30:45

Oh and I don't take out DD, dcs got Club penguin membership at christmas,
it ran out last month so ds has asked MIL to get him more for his birthday

MarthaSlatternStewart Thu 05-Aug-10 22:21:42


pauline50 Sun 01-Feb-15 15:59:15

Just thought I'd warn parents if they've subscribed to Binweevils membership, I wasn't aware that I had a recurring membership (too much to remember) and they renewed it automatically without informing me by email and now are refusing to refund £20 - not great customer service

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