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Shit Shit Shit

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IlooklikeGrotbagstoday Sun 25-Jul-10 20:29:59

Has anyone washed an iphone and it survived????

DH is going mad!

beesonmummyshead Sun 25-Jul-10 20:35:15

I dropped mine in a swimming pool grin

the backlight has broken but it still works fine, though it was possibly only in the pool for 30 seconds, as opposed to a 30 minute wash cycle....

Apple refuse to repair iphones which have water damage (and they have water sensors everywhere) but will replace them for £150. However, your house/phone insurance might cover replacement, alternatively google the problem and there are cheap(ish, compared to replacement) repair companies who might be able to help.

RubberDuck Sun 25-Jul-10 20:37:17

Make sure you leave it AGES to dry out BEFORE you try and switch it on, no matter how tempted you are to see if it still works - often it isn't the water that damages it, but components shorting out when an electric current goes through it.

Dried rice in a bag with the iphone in the airing cupboard for several days should do it.

IlooklikeGrotbagstoday Sun 25-Jul-10 20:49:47

Thanks everyone. He's calmed down now - only sobbing instead of shouting. I've dunked it in a bag of rice but think it might be over. It was turned on while it was in the machine.

Will look into Apple and house insurance.

said Sun 25-Jul-10 20:53:25

Well, he'll empty his pockets properly before putting stuff in the laundry basket from now on.

IlooklikeGrotbagstoday Sun 25-Jul-10 20:57:53

I did point that out said but it wasn't met with a great response, as you can imagine

said Sun 25-Jul-10 21:00:26


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