Can I put printed cardboard in the compost?

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Wiggletastic Mon 21-Jun-10 18:32:07

That's it really, just wondering. I put all the brown cardboard i.e. toilet rolls etc. on the compost heap but usually take all the printed stuff i.e. cereal packets, to a recycling centre. Could I put all this on the compost too?

chixinthestix Wed 23-Jun-10 21:49:26

You can, it breaks down exactly the same as the brown cardboard but it depends on how organic you want your compost to be? The print contains chemicals and so I guess could find its way into your veg if you used a lot of it.

Wiggletastic Thu 24-Jun-10 17:24:12

Hmmm... I guess I will stick to the brown stuff, its not really a problem taking the other stuff to the recycling centre. Thanks for the advice... smile

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