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Plant Labels?

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NotQuiteCockney Fri 22-Jul-05 15:36:57

A special sort of plant label was mentioned in the Guardian/Observer recently - you write on the label in pencil, and the label slowly becomes permanently marked (you only write on it once in pencil). I didn't keep the details. Anyone?

SaintGeorge Fri 22-Jul-05 16:18:29

Not sure about those particular labels, but I know the Guardian have recommended Labelplant . Unfortunately not a lot of info on the site but you can order a free brochure.

bran Fri 22-Jul-05 16:23:52

Do you mean alitags?

NotQuiteCockney Fri 22-Jul-05 20:39:47

Bran, that's it! Thanks for tracking it down despite my incomprehensible explanation. My MIL is gardening-mad.

Thanks for trying SaintGeorge.

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