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Maximum fence height - Scotland

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MrsL123 Sat 20-Mar-10 10:55:52

According to the planning portal site, permitted development rules allow a garden fence 2 meters in height (6.5 feet - enough for a six foot fence panel plus a small concrete gravel board). But it says the info only applies to England and Wales, which is helpful!

My know it all FIL says the highest a fence can be is 6 feet. But I know people commonly mistake 6 feet for being 2 metres, when in fact it's only 1.8 meters, so I think this is where the six feet / two meter confusion might be coming from? confused

I'm having no luck finding the information online and the council offices are closed until Monday, and I really need to price up my fencing. If it is six feet instead of two meters, I'll have to get 5 foot fence panels and try to find 12 inch gravel boards, which is a pain because it's more expensive (a pack of 5 foot panels are £100 dearer than the 6 foot ones for some reason!). Can't do without the gravel boards either, as we have really wet clay soil.

Should have known it wouldn't be simple!

Pumphreydidit Sat 20-Mar-10 10:59:23

Would anyone at your nearest garden center know? Failing that, phone a landscape gardener and ask them.

What height are your neighbours fences?

Pumphreydidit Sat 20-Mar-10 11:02:03

I looked up our LA site and it seems to be 2m (but no higher than 20 m) but it may be different for your area.

MrsL123 Sat 20-Mar-10 12:05:59

Thanks Prumphreydidit, that's a good idea about asking the garden centre.

It's difficult to tell with the neighbour's fences as it's a bit of a strange set-up - there are about 20 houses with gardens backing onto each other (we're halfway down one side) and there are lots of old people who haven't changed their fences since the houses were built 50 years ago. Some have no fences at all, some still have little wire fences, others have picket or post & rail fencing, and some have (home made) ranch style fencing at varying heights. The only people that have 'proper' fence panels are at the end of the road, but all the gardens are on a slope so the panels are stepped and I can't tell the height (and I don't know if they'd have checked the rules before erecting the fence anyway). At the moment we have a 3 foot picket fence down one side of the garden, a 4 foot ranch style fence on the other side and a post & rail fence at the end. All different heights and colours, and all completely rotten and falling apart. The bottom fence and a bit of the picket side is also covered by a tall Leylandi hedge which the previous owners put in, but we want to take it out and put a nice tall fence around the whole garden (we're footing the whole bill).

The problem is, the neighbours on one side are an old couple who are total nightmares - they moan about everything we (and other neighbours do), so I know they're going to try and cause trouble when the fence goes up. It won't block their light as the gardens are south facing and are at a lower level to the houses (accessed by steps - so their windows would be above the new fence level). They hate the trees (even though they only run about 6 feet at the bottom corner of their garden where they keep their bins!), they hate our cats jumping the fence and using their garden as a shortcut, and they hate having to look at our two "beasts" (as they call them - gorgeous friendly labradors to everyone else) running around. Enjoying themselves. In their own garden. Terrible. biscuit .

So hopefully the new fence will secretly please them, but I know they'll moan about it anyway because that seems to be their only joy in life. Luckily their son owns the house now and is much more reasonable than they are (and will probably just be happy to have a new fence that he doesn't have to pay for!). But I'd like to know we've stuck to the rules when the old crones knock on the door and start shouting at 10pm, like they did over our new driveway!

lincstash Sat 20-Mar-10 15:41:31

Just tell them to piss off and mind there own business.

cakeycakeface Sun 17-Apr-16 11:56:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cakeycakeface Sun 17-Apr-16 12:32:23

Apologies - posted on wrong/ old thread.

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