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Bamboo - fast or slow growing?

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bunjies Tue 05-Jul-05 09:22:13

I want to use bamboo to screen off my garden shed but don't know whether to buy a small, cheaper plant that will take time to grow or a taller, more expensive one that will do the job straight away. Does anyone know how long it would take bamboo to grow to about 5 ft? Crocus are selling bamboo for £17 for a 5lt plant but it doesn't say how tall they are, although I imagine they won't be that big. Any help greatly appreciated as I am novice to gardening.

bunjies Wed 06-Jul-05 10:09:41


I think the Crocus ones are about 60cms tall.

hana Wed 06-Jul-05 10:19:20

we bought some bamboo from Crocus last year for the same reason but it didn't grow terribly well, we have moved it t a sunnier spot and it's gone crazy now, lots and lots of new shoots and the old ones are about 7 feet tall now.
so the shed is still exposed but the bamboo doing well
think when it arrived it was bout 4 or 5 ft tall
good luck with the gardening

bunjies Wed 06-Jul-05 16:30:10

Hmmmmm...thanks for that hana. The place where I want to put the bamboo gets sun until the afternoon then it is in partial shade (overhanging tree from next door). I wonder if this would be ok.

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