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What sort of bug looks like a red kidney bean?

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jamiesam Mon 20-Jun-05 23:38:59

Well, that says it all really.

Weeding in the garden today and came across this sort of grub just below the level of the soil. Can't find it in any of my gardening books, which suggests he's a good guy.

Does anyone know what he is?

invisiblegirl Mon 20-Jun-05 23:39:54


jamiesam Mon 20-Jun-05 23:53:59

Well, I don't think so. In my books (which I don't look at nearly often enough, so I could well have missed the right page), weevils are little beetles with legs and a bit of mottling colour, but basically black or grey.

I really do mean that it looks like a kidney bean - very shiny sort of woodlice type of coat/shell, no legs. It did move though - it definitely wasn't an actual kidney bean - had an obvious sort of head/nose end...

SaintGeorge Mon 20-Jun-05 23:55:32

Are you sure it wasn't some sort of larvae or cocoon? Some butterfly larvae can look a bit like that.

makealist Mon 20-Jun-05 23:58:34

can't say for sure but i think it is something to do with "daddy long legs" a bit like a cocoon for them.

jamiesam Tue 21-Jun-05 00:03:56

What I need (plead plead) is a link to a picture? Gardening books tend to focus on the baddies of the animal/insect world, and it's harder to find out if you're dealing with a good guy.

However, I do stress, he had a sort of pointy 'nose' - no eyes or legs, and his 'nose' could have been his bottom, but something was wiggling around...

makealist Tue 21-Jun-05 00:05:05

daddy long legs & craneflies

jamiesam Tue 21-Jun-05 00:05:10

Must admit, by the way, that the only cocoons I think I've ever seen are the sort of 'silken thread' ones... what else ought I be looking out for?

jamiesam Tue 21-Jun-05 00:10:44

Wow, thanks makealist.

Yes, it's daddylonglegs city around here (recently heard that all such crawlers like a dirty house - shame).

Can't quite make out the third picture on my pc - might have to view from work pc where picture resolution might be better. On the face of it, that could be what I saw, except I wonder if those little ?eggs? were too small, as the bugs above look vaguely familiar, yet I'm sure they are bigger than the little fellow I saw earlier today.

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