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Merlin Mon 20-Jun-05 16:39:17

Anyone know where I can get one at a reasonable price? Have checked out B&Q etc to no avail. Any good online sites people have used? Thanks

misdee Mon 20-Jun-05 16:41:04

what is reasonable price, have been looking at some but £180+

DelGirl Mon 20-Jun-05 16:42:13

hi merlin, have you tried haskins? Also, the gardning centres near Stocks farm at Parley. Don't know if they have them but it's worth a try. See you soon, hope you're ok and surviving the heat!!!

Merlin Mon 20-Jun-05 16:45:37

hi DG - were you lurking?!!! Haven't got over to Haskins actually - I'll have a trip out there, also the ones by Parley. Are you still on 4 Wed by the way?

Thanks Misdee - do you know what size that one was for that price? and where did you see them? Thanks again.

misdee Mon 20-Jun-05 16:47:14

i'm trying top find the site again, gimme a moment.

btw have you tried ebay. i am currently bidding on 3 stasinless steel poles, in different sizes,. looks lovely.

WigWamBam Mon 20-Jun-05 16:48:10

There's one here

DelGirl Mon 20-Jun-05 16:48:34

me? No, just on here briefly before the next feed, just not had chance to post on anything else. DD slept from 10 til 4 last night at sis's , then 5 til 8 . Think the heat knocked her out plus she was passed from person to person all day long without a wimper. Still on for Weds, dd is missing her bf .

misdee Mon 20-Jun-05 16:48:44

water features

Merlin Mon 20-Jun-05 16:51:50

Misdee - thanks 4 that I'll have a look when I have a moment. Will also try Ebay - don't worry I wont bid for your poles!!!

DG - at sleeping - must be something in the air up there! Shall we meet a bit later - say 11.45 normal place?

DelGirl Mon 20-Jun-05 16:52:35

that looks food wwb, didn't read you wanted a water feature, thought you just mean a sphere. That'll teach me to look next time.

btw WWB, i've still got your cheese wedge. Shall I post it back to you? It was just the job!

Sorry to hijack Merlin

misdee Mon 20-Jun-05 16:53:46

actually the spheres were more than i thought. sorry. but its a good site.

DelGirl Mon 20-Jun-05 16:54:31

lol, looks good, not food!!! i'm going now, the heat is getting to me! 11.45 will be great as I want to get dd weighed. See you then

Merlin Mon 20-Jun-05 16:56:47

Thanks WWB - I need to get my tape measure out and see just how big a ball I need - bigger the better I say !!!!

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