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An idiots guide to planting pots/hanging baskets please...

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Kayleigh Mon 20-Jun-05 16:06:57

Ok, have just been to the garden centre. I have pots. I have an empty hanging basket with a liner. I have compost. I have a number of bedding plants, trailing and other.

I have soaked the plants for a couple of hours in a baby bath on the advice of a friend.

Now what ????????????

handlemecarefully Mon 20-Jun-05 16:09:54

make some holes in the liner to ensure that water can drain out. Put some pebbles at the bottom to ensure that it doesn't become too waterlogged. Also after planting the plants in compost in the basket, put a layer of pebbles or decorative small stones on top of the soil to slow down drying out

JoolsToo Mon 20-Jun-05 16:09:59

put them in the hanging basket and hang it up!

tbh - I haven't a clue with plants myself - but I've potted a lot of bedding plants this year in wall hangings and pots - just composted, planted and watered and I've not killed anything yet!

Kayleigh Mon 20-Jun-05 16:39:59

ok ladies that's a help. I'm off to get dirty !

KBear Mon 20-Jun-05 16:56:33

And remember to water them morning and night in this hot weather! My favourite job of the day is watering my garden - I should do it for a living. Professional waterer in SE London!

Kayleigh Mon 20-Jun-05 18:57:20

I have done it. And if I say so myself they look great. And I really enjoyed doing it!!! Wait till dh sees them - he won't believe I did them. Lucky ds1 was playing in the garden at the time and can vouch for me

When he saw me my next door neighbour shouted to his wife "Quick, <wife>, bring a camera. Kayleighs got dirty hands" !!!!!

Will water religiously kbear. Don't want all my hard work going to waste.

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