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Garden Birds and Feeders

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Ludaloo Wed 04-Nov-09 14:30:35

I think I have the right topic for this!

I have spent most of this morning watching the feeding station in the garden and have been thrilled by all the birds visiting.
Up until now there haven't been too many on there but today has been alive with birds smile

So far:

~Blue and great tits
~Starlings (a pair)
~House sparrows
~Carrion crow

And..a great spotted woodpecker!

Anyone else feeding their garden birds and what has visited so far?

macwoozy Wed 04-Nov-09 20:00:21

I must be living in the wrong area, the only birds that feed from the table are wood pigeons,(they really annoy me as they eat so much) the odd sparrow and my ole' faithful robin.

Pannacotta Thu 05-Nov-09 08:47:20

What sort of feeder do you have Ludaloo?
I want to get one which pigeons and squirrels cant use but cannot decide on which type to go for...

Ludaloo Thu 05-Nov-09 10:21:36

I've made my own feeding station. DH drilled some holes in the top of an old washing pole and then put a thinner metal pole through and bent the ends to make hooks.
I've got a wire mesh tray attached to the top which I put fruit and suet on and then hanging off the other bits I have a peanut feeder, a nyger feeder, another feeder with blacksunflower seeds in and a fat ball feeder.
(gosh that sounds a lot when you write it down! They are very spoilt!)
Hang on I might actually have a photo of it....I'll see if I can add it to my profile pics.

Ludaloo Thu 05-Nov-09 10:31:20

Oh! Its already on there!!?

You can buy feeders with cages around the to stop bigger birds and squirrels from getting to the seed...I have to say though, squirrels are little buggers and usually figure out a way to get into most feeders. Even ones designed to stop squirrels usually don't work. I have seen them squeeze their butts into the tightest of places!
You have to get a really sturdy one too as the chew through the thinner hangers.

the RSPB do a good one

The Classic feeder with cage...they are really strong.

The other way to stop squirrels is to coat the nuts/seed with chilli flakes before you put them in the feeder. It has no detrimental effects on the birds but the squirrels hate it. It only takes a few trips to the feeder before they learn that the food doesn't taste good.

Re the pigeons...I wouldn't have thought they could actually use the hanging feeders very easily so maybe the caged ones would make it even harder for them.
I don't get them in my garden so I'm not sure...but they are definately ground feeders as a rule.

Hope that helps?

GrimmaTheNome Thu 05-Nov-09 10:32:57

I love watching the birds especially in winter. We get all those (no goldfinches yet this year though, and only once seen a siskin) and a few others - dunnocks, greenfinches and my favourite little gangs of long-tailed tits from time to time. Sometimes jays and magpies. Also collared doves,partridges(always in pairs) and pheasants and occasional mallards.
The bigger birds don't eat off the feeders themselves but are good at clearing up what the little'uns have dropped.

The one thing I've not seen myself but which is reported to be active in the area is, unsuprisingly, a sparrowhawk!

Ludaloo Thu 05-Nov-09 10:38:25

I'm very envy of your long tailed tits...they are my absolute favourite and I've never seen one on the feeder, ever!
I would absolutely love to see a sparrowhawk..that would be great.

GrimmaTheNome Thu 05-Nov-09 10:58:32

Ludaloo, I'd never seen one till I moved to the NorthWest. I don't know if they are commoner here than elsewhere. Actually I've never seen one - always but always in little flocks.

In my previous house, where the garden did mostly only attact sparrows, I did once see a sparrowhawk calmly sitting on the fence right outside my kitchen window!

Pannacotta Thu 05-Nov-09 11:01:05

Thanks Ludaloo, your feeder looks very impressive!
We have a ruthless bird hunting cat who lives next door (plus our two old mogs but they are too slow to catch anything now) so want to be sure whatever I get avoids the bird food falling onto the ground.

Perhaps a cage type table would be better...

We have all sorts of birds here, even a Wren, but also loads of pigeons and resident squirrels.

popmum Thu 05-Nov-09 11:03:22

we have a stream (well mucked up old bit of river really) and frequently have a kingfisher which is a real treat! That flash of bright aquablue is amazing!

Ludaloo Thu 05-Nov-09 14:21:01

Oh lucky you popmum...I have a river about 200 yrd from my house...never seen a kingfisher though.
Have seen Mink, Bank Voles and Weasels though..I love the river..often go and sit by it with a cup of hot choccie!

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