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How much do garden designers cost?

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murderonthemidnightexpress Fri 30-Oct-09 14:20:20

We have a smallish, difficult plot, about 80'x35', difficult because it has been untouched for about 20 years, is overshadowed by mature trees from next door, on a slope, is on heavy clay and is on a hilltop with strong westerly winds and difficult access. Oh and it's in W Scotland so about 360 days/year, it's also raining.

Anyway, I've been picking away at it for the last year, digging up perennial weeds, clearing stuff, putting up fences, and have even managed to get a few veg beds and a border going. But I'd really like some professional help with getting an idea of what we could do with it. I suspect that the cost of getting proffesionals in to do hard landscaping may be prohibitive, but perhaps if I could get a plan done, then we could do stuff as funds allow and do what we can ourselves. Does anyone know how much that sort of service costs? Either with or without a planting plan?

SqueezyCheesyPumpkin Fri 30-Oct-09 18:34:57


Pannacotta Fri 30-Oct-09 20:53:11

It depends on what the local going rate is really.

Many designers will come and meet you and look at your garden without making a charge and will let you know then (or after meeting you) what they would charge.
Around here the charge for a design varies from around £400-£700 but many are at the lower end of the scale.
Some designers offer a design service via post, but you'd need to so a site survey yourself and send in digital photos, eg


nicefleece Mon 09-Nov-09 19:31:44

I charge -
£100 for a one off consultation and a report (4-10 pages of ideas, plants and contacts)
£50 for 1 meeting with brief taking as a precursor to a redesign
sounds like I would charge around £600 - £800 for a survey, redesign, planting plan and plant list for you, or £400-500 for just the survey / design, no planting.
I live in the SW
Hope that helps

nigglewiggle Mon 09-Nov-09 19:36:09

We live oop north and we paid £200 for a couple of consultations and a design plan. A plant list would have cost more, but we discussed what would be planted where anyway.

We decided we couldn't afford to get the work done yet and he is giving us some good deals to sign up for early next year.

midnightexpress Mon 09-Nov-09 22:54:31

Thanks for all your replies, and sorry I didn't get back on the thread sooner - have been away from the computer for a week or so.

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