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Rescuing baby hedgehogs

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bumface Tue 27-Oct-09 14:11:27

I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask. I can't find an animal topic.
We have found 3 young hedgehogs wandering around in the day time.
I called the hedgehog sanctuary and they said they need taking inside for the winter.
sooo now I have 3 baby hedgehogs and 4 children in ove with them.
I have told the children we are looking after them till we can get in touch with our local sanctuary (the one I got through to is miles away.) but secretly I would quite like to look after them ourselves.

So has anyone got any thoughts or experiences to share?
I have followed the instructions, they are warm and fed and watered.

Thank you!

MummyTheQueenOfDarkness Tue 27-Oct-09 14:24:06

i was told by a lady who came to pick up hedgehogs from me that if they are out in the daytime they are probably quite sick,so to prevent your children being upset in the event of this i would try and get the sanctuary to come and collect them.

bumface Tue 27-Oct-09 14:44:24

That was one of my first thoughts. They do look very perky though.

MummyTheQueenOfDarkness Tue 27-Oct-09 15:50:38

be very careful with them as i believe they can have worms

MummyTheQueenOfDarkness Tue 27-Oct-09 15:53:23

be very careful with them as i believe they can have worms
more info for you here

bumface Tue 27-Oct-09 19:54:11

Thank you for the link. They can have fleas and ticks too! I wonder how hany creatures there are in that box???
Well our local pet shop sells special hedgehog food and they have eaten loads!!!
I have put them in an indoor guinea pig hutch and they seem very happy.

So far so good!

kitkatcadaverqueen Tue 27-Oct-09 20:36:05

Hi bumface (didn't picture myself saying that tonite grin)

A friend of mine runs a wildlife reserve, I delivered a hedgehog to her the other week she was telling me to keep any more I found away from my dc because ( depending on area of course and I can't tell where you are) the ticks can carry lymes disease, my area is a bit dodgy for it.

Also she said they needed to be seen by a vet if they had been out during the day, depending on how old they are they may not be weaned and may need milk ( not cows ) rather than solid food - they would eat it if given it but....

I can bell her 24/7 for info or if you give me your area i'm sure she will know of somewhere local to you where they can be checked by a vet.

bumface Tue 27-Oct-09 22:44:53

Thank you Kitkat,

I have the number of a localish sanctuary now. I will call them in the morning and ask.

I'm pretty sure they are old enough for solids though but will double check.

Luckily my children have been waring gardening gloves to avoid being prickled. Can't be too careful though.

kitkatcadaverqueen Tue 27-Oct-09 22:57:44

No worries, They are very lucky you picked them up, smile

Riponite Wed 04-Nov-09 18:40:43

We kept an autumn juvenile over last winter in a massive box in the laundry room. He had lots of woodshaving bedding and some old T-shirts to hide in and to soak up loads of hedgy wee. He drank happily out of a rabbit bottle and although he always refused wet catfood ate dry catfood and dried mealworms.

He was a bit whiffy although we cleaned him out as often as seemed kind, but he was a good weight in the spring and following advice we let him out when he got restless even though it seemed a bit early. He lived successfully in the garden for a few months and then he went out into the wide world to take his chances.

We have had two, one was a happy pet and seemed to like us, he stayed in the garden for five years and used to come and see us, the second hated us and used to swear at us and run off.

If they have fleas you can use budgie strength stuff. Pricklet had three visible fleas and never any more after I squashed those, Eccles had one tick and I killed it with tea tree oil on a cotton bud, never anything else nasty. Hope you find somewhere good for yours or rear them successfully yourself.

bumface Wed 04-Nov-09 20:19:17

Thank you Riponite,

Our three are doing well. They eat LOADS and are very perky. They get through a whole tin of dog food every day.
We let them have a run about the garden for 20 minutes or so as it is getting dark, to stretch their legs and eat some creapy crawlies.

I have seen some instructions for making a hedgehog shelter. I think maybe I'll try to make one in the garden to incourage one/them to stay with us when we give them their freedom in the spring.

They are quite hard work (especially keeping them clean) but really lovely.

Do hedgehogs live in groups or on their own?

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