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Hedge to block out pollution needed, please.

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frisbyrat Sun 18-Oct-09 14:56:55

We're just about to buy our dream house, but it's on a major road (the South Circular, if I'm honest. We must be mad). What's going to be the best way to block out some of the noise and pollution? I thought maybe a hedge of something thick and fast-growing, that won't mind the clay soil. Privet (seems to do well here)? Laurel? I'd love yew, but it needs to be fast growing, as there's nothing there at the moment.
I read somewhere that broad leaves cut out more sound than thin ones, or I'd be tempted by leylandii. Or maybe just a 5/6 foot brick wall would be best... I had intended a low wall, topped with iron railings, with the hedge behind it.
Any ideas, please?
(Am going to copy this into the Property topic, too, I think).

Pannacotta Sun 18-Oct-09 20:26:32

I have read that Laurel, Privet, Holly and Aucuba are all good (and evergreen). Privet needs a lot of clipping so I'd avoid this unless you'll have time to do this. Portuguese Laurel is very smart and more unusual than straight Laurel and is superb for screening. Some info here

There are some other suggestions on here too
I really dont recommend leylandii, they are extremely fast growing and need trimming twice a year or more I think, but they are not what you need. I speak from experience as we have had to remove a huge hedge of these in our garden and it was a messy and expensive job - they blocked all sun and light to our garden and house.

frisbyrat Mon 19-Oct-09 09:00:33

Thank you, Pannacotta! Maybe Laurel, then.

Uriel Mon 19-Oct-09 09:24:38

I'd go with privet. Fast-growing and tolerates pollution.

frisbyrat Mon 19-Oct-09 19:26:04

Thanks, Uriel! I guess it's down to what the garden centre has in stock now. grin

SCARYspicemonster Mon 19-Oct-09 19:29:48

I'd go for laurel, it's a lot more robust that either privet or leylandii. You need to cut it from the moment you plant though - take out the tops. And it take a while to grow remember - you'd be looking at 3 years before you have anything that resembles a hedge because you need to plan them about 15-20 inches apart Obviously if you choose anything faster growing it's good in the short term but a pita in the long term.

Pannacotta Mon 19-Oct-09 20:27:08

frisby you are much better off ordering from a hedging specialist website, will save you a fortune.
The links I posted above will give you an idea prices wise, if you Google you will find many more.
I still think Portuguese Laurel is the nicest of the lot...

MortaIWombat Tue 20-Oct-09 00:03:52

Thanks, Pannacotta! Will investigate your links tomorrow.
<does in twirl in new name>

MortaIWombat Tue 20-Oct-09 00:04:29

a twirl hmm

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