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Do whole apples make good compost...

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TDiddy Sun 11-Oct-09 09:27:14

I have lots of fallens apples and wondering if I should just add them to the compost heap? Clearly I am a novice gardener. In fact, I am not even a gardener at all but simply a field labourer for DW.

mummyhill Sun 11-Oct-09 09:29:52

My nan used to pick over the windfalls any Salvageable apples were peeled, pared and frozen any un salvageable went with the peelings on the compost

TDiddy Sun 11-Oct-09 09:31:55

thanks. Looks like they are all going to compost this year. Next year will try to ensure that we salvage some for pies etc. Thanks

mummyhill Sun 11-Oct-09 10:11:48

No problem.

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