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Panic, panic, ants everywhere...

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Nome Thu 09-Jun-05 11:18:10

[hysterical sobbing] I hate ants anyway, but I hate red ants even more. [shudder]

I went out finally to plant up my tubs and they have all been colonised by red ants. I have been stung/bitten four times already. Now can't use the garden as ds wants to dig in the tubs too. He'll be even less reasonable than I was about being bitten.

I've poured boiling water over the buggers, but it only gets the ones on the surface, not the ones three inches down who are shuffling their eggs around. [shudder]

Am quite a bit pg, so lifting the tubs to empty them into the green bin is not possible.

Any suggestions? dh isn't home till half six, by which time they'll have moved the eggs out and be setting up home somewhere even more inconvenient.

I am trying not to be hysterical, but normal dislike plus pg hormones are not a good combination!

Mothernature Thu 09-Jun-05 11:28:17

dfil spent the whole of sunday blow torching ants(slow way) try Jam with a bit of borax in it. It's a slow killer so they take it back to the nest and most of the ants there get poisoned.

(quick way) Or find the mounds, break them open and then use lots of boiling hot water - repeated when they try to come back.

(very slow way) If you want to be green about it you can always you can get ant nematodes from various organic suppliers. HTH

Nome Thu 09-Jun-05 11:46:03

Thanks, I know I'm being unreasonable It's just because they're red bity ones. I'll try the boiling water again when ds goes for his nap - he's a bit too helpful otherwise!

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