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Apple and pear trees ... any in supermarkets?

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alysonpeaches Fri 18-Sep-09 23:09:08

At my last house I had quite a few apple and pear trees from Netto or lidl cant remember which and they did quite well. My mum got her plum tree from the same place and has a huge glut of plums this year.

Ive just been round the supermarkets and looked for some trees as we have recently moved into a new house. I cant find any. Has anyone seen any at any supermarkets? They are so expensive at the garden centre and I dont mind waiting for smaller trees to grow up!

I assume its autumn they get them in.

NaptimeRocks Mon 28-Sep-09 11:48:19

Not the supermarket, but try Worth a look! My MIL says they are fab and that her fruit trees are doing really well, so we've risked a few!!

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