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roof terrace- advice and tips please!

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eisbaer Mon 14-Sep-09 19:41:14

Our garden consists of two paved roof terraces. One is a small space with high walls, i.e. no direct sunlight but very sheltered, to the north of the flat. The other is a larger space, more frequently used, but with quite a wind tunnel effect as it runs from north to south. So, overall, the space is quite exposed and also we're on the sixth floor.
I'm looking for advice on foolproof patio plants to buy and pot, as hardy as possible, to make our terrace look less clinical. I'm a total beginner. Also looking for tips on plants to grow up some willow "fencing" we got from BandQ to provide further wind protection as it's really quite breezy most of the time.
And any other tips on patio gardening would be muchly appreciated.

Pannacotta Mon 14-Sep-09 20:47:55

I'd get some tough evergreens in pots to filter the wind and to make the space feel more enclosed/sheltered.
Bamboo, Viburnum tinus, Pittosporum are all options.
Some info and ideas here:
and here:

A simple irrigation system would make it much easier to keep the plants watered.

eisbaer Mon 14-Sep-09 21:23:30

great, thanks for that. what do you mean by an irrigation system? we're in scotland, so get lots of rain anyway. Would that still be necessary and how does one work?

Pannacotta Mon 14-Sep-09 22:08:22

It is automatic watering, large plants in pots need much more water than if planted in the ground.
But if you gets lots of rain you are prob ok.

Btw, we have done (and are still doing) loads of work to our garden as it was in a really bad state when we moved in and I've found the local library an excellent resource. I borrow new books every week and have got lots of ideas that way. There are books specially about roof gardens which you might find useful... 962438&sr=1-1

I have borrowed books by this author and she is very good and easy to follow.

eisbaer Mon 14-Sep-09 22:16:41

thank you pannacotta!

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