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Anyone know why my olive tree is full of wasps?

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mmrred Mon 24-Aug-09 15:16:09

I've had the olive since last year but this year it seems to be constantly alive with wasps. Can't see any signs of a nest - are wasps attracted to olive trees?

DS age 2 got stung yesterday so I'm thinking about getting rid of it...

TheOnlyDailyMaleForMeisDH Mon 24-Aug-09 19:27:13

There is probably a wasp nearby so the tree is probably not the problem. What's underneath the tree, some wasps nests are low down and even on the ground. But they are attracted to the smell. I have a plum tree in fruit and they are all over the fallen plums hmm

Bloody hate wasps, they should all be smushed IMHO! angry

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