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What flowering plants are you planting Now?

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Starbear Sun 16-Aug-09 18:44:04

I want a lovely Sept (ok a bit late for Sept.) October, November garden but I have big gaps. What do you all suggest? I know you are a clever lot. grin

ShellingPeas Mon 17-Aug-09 13:47:34

Perennials which flower from around now until mid/late autumn are things like dahlias and penstemons (which go on until the first frosts), echinacea, rudbeckia, some helenium. Asters are particularly good for autumn flowers - some are prone to mildew so they need a coolish root run and not too dry. You could also try chrysanthemums.

Bulbs such as cyclamen hederifolium, autumn crocus (colchicum) and nerines also flower in the autumn. You could probably buy these in pots in flower soon at the garden centre.

Pannacotta Wed 19-Aug-09 11:58:07

I think later flowering Anemones are lovely, esp the rich pink ones like A hupehensis Splendens, listed on this page

I'd also recommend Penstemon which flower from June/July till November and do well in suuny dry soil.

Gaura and Kaffir Lily also have lovely flowers in whites/pinks/reds and go on late, Garua also good in dry soil, K lily less so. Last year my Kaffir lilies flowered until January.


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