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should I just give up on brassicas

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katiestar Wed 12-Aug-09 17:46:21

I've never had any success with them .However hard I try they always ger eaten by something - rabbits , birds ,slugs,caterpillars.This morning I found loads of butterfly eggs on the underside of my curly kale leaves and spent ages rubbing off as many as I could find but all the time more butterflies were fluttering about and trying to get on them.
Then I spent this afternoon building a framework of bamboo canes and old bits of horticultural fleece to completely enclose them.But now of course I can't in to check the leaves easily.My book says they need checking for slugs/eggs daily
Is it really worth growing them? Has anyone got any tips ?

ShellingPeas Wed 12-Aug-09 21:59:42

The only way I ever got brassicas to grow on my allotment was to plant them, put the little cardboard circles around the base to keep out clubroot, then cover the whole row in a fine mesh cage as soon as they were planted to keep out the pigeons, rabbits and butterflies. I used to lift it once a week to put down a barrier to keep out the slugs (grit/egg shells/coffee) and then cover them back up again.

Time consuming but I did have some lovely cabbages and kale.

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