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how does one accomplish heavy gardening in a terrace?

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marenmj Fri 07-Aug-09 12:19:31

a terraced house... I desperately need to aerate the lawn and would like to do a few other, semi-heavy duty things at the same time.

How on earth do I get gardeners/equipment in and out of the garden? Through the house? I don't know if I can cope with muddy boots trudging back and forth through the (carpeted, argh) house! Not to mention that a backhoe just will not fit.

bran Fri 07-Aug-09 12:26:14

Is your garden very big? When I lived in a terraced house the garden was small enough to have done just about anything I wanted with a strong man and a spade. The house next door completely dug up their garden and had hard landscaping done and they didn't use much in the way of heavy equipment.

You can buy heavy-duty sticky-backed plastic stuff to cover carpets and floors if you do have burly men in muddy boots traipsing through the house.

marenmj Fri 07-Aug-09 12:41:19

Oo, good idea. The garden isn't very big, but DH's back is broken, so my "strong man" is out of commission for a while.

I will probably try to get either some people or equipment in and put down plastic. I've put it off all summer and really need to just get on with it grin

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