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plant advice for novice

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cazzybabs Wed 29-Jul-09 13:22:14

I want to plant lavender in a fairly sunny spot at the front of my house...when is best time and what type?

Also what can I plant under my crab apple tree? At the moment it is surronded by lots of weeds?

ShellingPeas Wed 29-Jul-09 21:13:37

Lavender enjoys sunny spots, in soil which isn't too rich and doesn't get waterlogged in winter. If your ground is clay or prone to holding moisture, then dig in lots of grit/drainage material, otherwise the roots may rot in winter.

You can plant at any time of the year if the plants are container grown, but if you plant now, you will need to water it as if it were still in a pot (ie. when it doesn't rain) as the roots won't have started to establish themselves. Otherwise plant in autumn, or spring.

Planting under dry tree conditions is tricky. What sort of effect were you looking to achieve? Woodland type plants are good but will flower early in the season.

cazzybabs Thu 30-Jul-09 13:04:30

thanks...don't mind what I plant under tree, it has to be better than weeds....I would like it to look OK as it front garden...but can flower early

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