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child friendly plants

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shelleylou Sat 25-Jul-09 15:46:15

Hi, my 2.8yo ds is taking an interest in gardening, hes currently planting 'seeds'. I was wondering what seeds/flowers would be good to grow with him and are easy to care for. I'm not at all green fingered.

DLI Sat 25-Jul-09 15:55:53

sunflowers, watercress, mint, peas

shigella92 Sat 25-Jul-09 18:23:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shelleylou Sat 25-Jul-09 19:14:06

wow, so many ideas thanks.
Im going to sort out a section of garden that is ds' so he can choose whats going to go there.

nouveaupauvre Sat 01-Aug-09 22:37:36

lettuces - seeds come up really quickly and the eating is a novelty (ds doesnt particularly like lettuce but likes the speed at which they grow and will as a result eat some: we eat the rest)
nasturtiums are dead easy, basically grow like weeds, and have big bright flowers which are usually popular. things with big seeds (like sunflowers, nasturtiums) are usually easiest as easier for small people to pick up
at this time of year you need stuff that grows fast! for next spring you'd have more choice. strawberries might be worth a go (plant small plants, not growing from seed) or tomatoes (seed or for less hassle small plug plants).

BlueChampagne Wed 12-Aug-09 16:39:55

Nasturtiums are a classic to and look great in salads.

Also hyacinths indoors over the winter - especially in clear glass holders so you can see the roots grow too.

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