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Bamboo cuttings.......

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swiperfox Sat 21-May-05 18:27:04

Are they impossible??
I'm sure i read somewhere that you can't grow bamboo from cuttings - you need t have a root.
There is a big bamboo bush with the black stalks growing into an alley near us and I would love to get a cutting and try to grow it.

Is it true you can only grow from a root? I would put it into cloning/rooting gel.......

swiperfox Mon 23-May-05 15:59:38


NomDePlume Mon 23-May-05 16:02:01

I thought i'd seen little cuttings in vases that are still sprouting without root. I could be wrong.

NomDePlume Mon 23-May-05 16:08:28

This maybe total gobbledygook but it was something i found on a bamboo site whilst googling....

"Double-node cuttings:

Make cuttings of culms with at least two internodes left intact. Trim branches from lower node. Plant prepared cuttings vertically in warm soil with the top of the culm and the branches left protruding. If using potting bags or pots, cover each with a clear or lightly frosted plastic bag tied in place after watering and leave in part shade until new roots protrude from drain holes. New roots and shoots are produced at the lower node. Single node cuttings planted on their side with the branch complement upwards will work with some species.

Branch cuttings:

Propagation using branch cuttings has proved successful in some cases. In Bangladesh, Melocanna bacciffera has been successfully propagated in this way. Cut the whole complement of side branches from a culm using a sharp hacksaw and plant in warm soil. Maintain atmospheric humidity using the system described for double node cuttings. New roots appear at the base of side branches within a few months.

Obtaining new plants using these methods can take up to one year. A few more years of growth are necessary before young plants are strong enough to produce new shoots suitable for cutting as vegetables."

SaintGeorge Mon 23-May-05 16:11:18

This site has the indoor stuff and it is from cuttings.

This one is more about the outdoor stuff.

swiperfox Mon 23-May-05 16:25:21

Thank you for those. I found that msn one last night but am still a bit unsure!! I went and stole some and broke the little shoots off at the nodes like you would for a normal cutting, dipped it in cloning/rooting hormone and planted it. Not sure if that was right or not!!!! Sounds right from what it says in 'branch cuttings'

Fingers crossed!

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