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Sarah Raven books

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zazizoma Sat 18-Jul-09 12:20:48

ShellingPeas recommended Raven's _Cutting Garden_, but I've also noticed another title by her, _Growing Your Own Cut Flowers_. The second looks a bit more 'technical,' which I would be into. Does anyone have experience of both?

MrsWalton Wed 22-Jul-09 13:39:08

I've just got Cutting Garden out from the library, and to be honest I'm dissappointed.

Not nearly enough shots of real gardens (hers or anyone elses) It has her plans for her cutting garden in sketch form, but just smudgy sketches.

It has a few ideas on flower arrangements but none of them really blew me away.

I suppose the last section of the book which was divided into coulour and season was sort of useful, but the pics didn't rock my boat.

i.e Spring flowering - blue - pinks - reds etc

So it could help you plan your favorite colour mixes to be around at the same time.

The second one sounds much better to me.

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