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Blasted caterpillars and cabbage white- any ideas?

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mrsmerryweather Sat 18-Jul-09 09:24:51

My lovely cabbages have been ruined by cabbage white- they are now looking lacy due to all the holes! I also had to bin a lovely crop of cavello nero (sp) for the same reason.

This is my 3rd year growing these and it has not happened before!

It's too late to save this crop but questions are:

*is it too late to grow more cabbage (I think not, but input needed)
*do I need to buy fine netting to keep butterflies off, or will that not be needed for autumn crops?

snorkle Sat 18-Jul-09 23:56:22

No (as long as you grow the right varieties), It's about the right time to sow spring cabbages now. For example Durham EArly or April or wintergreen

You might get away with some winter cabbages too like
Ormskirk or tundra

and yes, I think netting is a good idea for brassicas for both butterflies and pigeons.

veggiegirl Sun 19-Jul-09 10:17:31

Hiya, yes, netting is the best thing here, loose leaf green cabbages are also growing well from now, have just planted my second crop rotation.

Have a look here for more info:


It's great resource and ongoing support.

snorkle Sun 19-Jul-09 14:46:55

worth noting that most netting is graded for birds and small butterflies will get inside. But, imo it's not worth spending £££ on very fine netting - cheapo pound shop stuff keeps a lot of the butterflies off, especially if you don't stretch it so taut that the holes open up wider. If you do want a fine net debris netting (as used by builders) is supposed to be a cheaper option.

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