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Recommend me mid height, thin trunked silver birch or similar for suburban garden screening please!

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faraday Sun 12-Jul-09 12:05:48

Am buying an undeveloped garden (oblong of lawn, few desultory plants surrounding) 12m squared. I want to plant a row (staggered) of silver birch or similar to act as screens against neighbours. I want the type that at maturity reach 6-8' before they form their broom. The whole tree would be about 12' tall I guess.

I want to avoid trees that 'bush' low down as it isn't a big plot AND I like to see the white bark of the trunks against the fence panels!

Any ideas?

ShellingPeas Mon 13-Jul-09 20:06:40

This article from the RHS might help to give you some ideas.

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