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Does anyone have any advice on deterring cats and dogs from my garden?

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tessieb Sat 11-Jul-09 19:56:47

I started a thread in 'Chat', and wondered if any of you on here could help me? I'm having a problem with a dog using my front garden as a toilet (well, I assume it's a dog though haven't caught it yet) and a cat doing the same on the back.

It's disgusting - I've had enough!!! I've just cleared up yet another huge dollop of dog poo from the front garden. It was very fresh too and I was nearly sick with the smell.

This is happening 3 or 4 times a week, and I have some patches on my front lawn where it hasn't been cleared up immediately (if I've been out) and has spoilt the grass.

The question is, how can I stop this happening? Is there anything that will discourage dogs going on the grass? I haven't seen any dogs wandering around the area I live on their own, so I'm assuming that this dog has an irresponsible owner with it. Who would allow their dog to poo on someone's garden, and just leave it? It's not just happening to me as I know that my neighbours on both sides have the same problem.

So, any advice on ways to tackle this problem please!!!

Oh, and I've also spotted a neighbour's cat using the back garden as a toilet too. I actually caught it pooing under the swing last night, so I shouted at it and chased it off. Any advice for getting rid of cats too would be most welcome!

mrsrawlinson Sat 11-Jul-09 20:59:24

I'm buying a crocodile. I hear they deter all kinds of things, including small children. Marvellous. grin

If your local pet shop is out of them, you could try one of those super squirted water pistol things, perhaps? Pistol is a bit of an understatement - they're actually more like an AK47. Which brings me rather neatly on to my next suggestion...

WriggleJiggle Tue 14-Jul-09 12:32:40

Water pistol for the cat definitely. Wouldn't be much good for the dog though as you're obviously out when it comes visiting. I presume you've tried a putting a notice up (for the owner not the dog). grin

Failing that, I'd go for the alligator option. If alligators are out of stock, try one of the larger eagle species.

mummyplonk Tue 14-Jul-09 12:36:31

In the Garden centre they do Cat repellants, we found a Powder one that actually seems to work on our front garden, I tipped the whole bloody bottle on it and ignored instructions grin.

Dogs tho, poor you, think you need to spend a whole day at the window and find the horrible, disgusting people who could allow their dogs to do that and give them the Bollocking from hell.

CrushWithEyeliner Wed 15-Jul-09 11:29:03

I will watch this thread as I have EXACTLY the same problem. The repellants just don't work we have tried them all. I am a cat lover but would happily aim and fire at the little blighter.We are now getting rid of our --cat littler-- gravel out front and putting out paving stones

veggiegirl Sun 19-Jul-09 10:53:08

Hiya, an organic way to deter them is to use bark choppings, I was dubious at first but this seems to work for my cat and general dogs around the place.

If you want to hear more and some expert advice from another mum:

Have a look here:


It's great resource and ongoing support.

veggiegirl Sun 19-Jul-09 10:53:42

that's bark chippings....omg early and little girl kept us up all night....

mrsmerryweather Sun 19-Jul-09 20:30:18

veggiegirl- are you Shirley Joffe? I have looked at the website link and it asks for an email address- the site is run by Shirley Joffe, who has lots of entries on forums touting for business- it's not allowed on MN.

3cutedarlings Sun 19-Jul-09 20:38:21

not sure if its true or just hear say but i once heard that lion shit is a great repellent for domestic idea where you would buy it from tho hmmwink

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