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Crazy tomato plant, advice needed for a gardening dunce pls

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titferbrains Sat 11-Jul-09 11:40:18

My tomato plants are outside, our garden is very sunny, they are huge and quite leafy, tho we have a fair few fruits coming.

Which bits can I trim/snap off? I have done the pinching out of those new shoots that come off the little branches, but the big branches themselves - some are all leaves - can I snap them off so that the main stem can divert energy to the fruits? Or can I trim the end off the leafy branches?

If you have any links to pictures showing which bits I can prune that would be great because I really don't know anything about gardening terminology. CHEERS.

policywonk Sat 11-Jul-09 11:45:31

I wouldn't get rid of healthy green leaves - the leaves do the photosynthesis work that allows the tomatoes to grow <I think...>

You can strip off the lowest leaf-branches iff they're starting to go brown and limp, but other than that I'd leave well alone. Healthy tomato plants tend to look a bit mad - it's a good sign IMO. Just keep on snapping off the side-shoots and you'll be fine. Are you staking the plant? If not, would probably be an idea.

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