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I want plump pumpkins!

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jooseyfruit Wed 08-Jul-09 18:17:41

What should I feed them when if they fruit?

HolyGuacamole Wed 08-Jul-09 21:08:21


GentleOtter Wed 08-Jul-09 21:13:43

how to grow fat pumpkins

jooseyfruit Thu 09-Jul-09 07:58:32

That's great otter thanks.

But what type of food?
They're in gro bags, would tomato food do?

weegiemum Thu 09-Jul-09 08:03:17

We fed our toamto food last year - they did great until the day that dd2 (then 4) brought them in to let me see how big they were getting!


GentleOtter Thu 09-Jul-09 08:21:25

I use either Vitax or Nutri (by Westland) for my cucmbers and squash. We are not growing pumkins and I am envy of yours. Ask what they recommend at the local garden centre but a low nitrogen, high potash feed would work well.

They need masses of water and plenty of rich soil to grow in - are you growing them in the gro bad flat or on it's end ?

jooseyfruit Thu 09-Jul-09 12:56:50

Thanks weeglemum I think i'll use tomato food. Lol about your eager, green fingered dd grin

otter my grow bag is flat but with just 1 plant in it. You're going to tell me it should be on it's end aren't you!grin

Bumperslucious Mon 13-Jul-09 22:01:09

Oooh, I have a pumpkin question, do you have to sacrifice some of the fruit to get big'uns?

jooseyfruit Wed 15-Jul-09 08:45:34

bumpers have a look at gentleotters link below, it may have the answer
I would have thought that once you have actual fruit on you could pick the smallest one off. I read something about allowing 3 sets of flowers & then pinching the top out so it doesn't grow anymore IYSWIM!

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