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Cat poo - Aaarrgggghhhhhh

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hotpotmama Wed 08-Jul-09 09:46:45

Any cat poo experts who can tell me how to stop flippin cats pooing on the grass in front of my house? Am getting angry about it now cos my baby crawls all over the grass or rather used to but I won't let him now which he is not too happy about.

Apart from shooting the cats (joke!!!! grin), how do I stop them from pooing so my baby is free to roam again.

Am getting sooooooo fed up of cat poo and dog poo too but don't get me started on that one! angry

bubblagirl Wed 08-Jul-09 11:10:14

lay tea bags with olbas oil on lawn cats hate it apparently

ibbydibby Wed 08-Jul-09 11:50:46

I second the Olbas Oil suggestion - worked a treat for us.

I think the theory is for anything strong smelling - the cats/foxes like to "mark" their territory with urine, so if you scatter another smell around it puts them off visiting. Subsequent rain will prob wash the oil away, but hopefully by then the cats have gone elsewhere.

I spent 6 or 7 pounds a few years ago on a larg-ish bottle of Olbas Oil, I think. It seemed like a lot of money, and I used at least half the bottle. But it did seem to work. I had been getting so stressed, going out into the garden every morning for a "poo" check.

hotpotmama Wed 08-Jul-09 22:31:53

cool, will smother it in olbas oil and see what happens (or doesn't happen hopefully!).

Cheers bubbla and ibby!

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