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Anyone else got a woodlice problem? <<weeps>>;

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Hopefully Tue 07-Jul-09 11:44:47

I've googled and seem to get conflicting results, but I am convinced woodlice are eating my vegetables!

I have several growbags, and one has been christened 'the killer bag' after everything I put in it turned up its toes and died. When I emptied it out, it was full of woodlice.

The same thing has just happened with my potatoes - I've only got about 0.5kg of potatoes from 5 plants, and the potato bags were absolutely full of massive woodlice.

I'm very sad! Really upsetting after putting in all that care an attention.

I've just noticed that they're beginning to infest another bag, so I think I might have to abandon all principles and get some bug killer stuff to get rid of them.

Any tips?

faraday Sun 12-Jul-09 12:14:12

The RHS don't seem to think woodlice are a problem! Are you sure it is lice not slugs/snails?

There was some info about them liking it warm and wet but you can hardly dehydrate your growbags, can you?

I am wondering whether you might need to get a killer product of some sort if it IS woodlice. One site said they can attack small seedlings but I haven't seen mention of them eating potatoes (though I also saw them called potato bugs!)

But I feel your pain! All that effort!

Hopefully Tue 14-Jul-09 22:18:14

I don't know that it's woodlice, but I can't see anything else suspicious (not sluggy or anything), and there are millions of them. I've read various things that suggest that they'll happily join in if there's a minor slug invasion and eat everything once a hole's been made.

I'm keeping a very close eye on the squashes etc (apparently sometimes you cut them open and millions of woodlice pour out if you have a problem with them. Bleurghhhhhh), but most of the hardier crops like beets and cabbages appear to be surviving.

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