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Deck lighting?

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Pam70 Mon 16-May-05 21:55:37

We're getting a deck built and want to get lights for it.

However I'm a bit confused by the choice that seems to be out there - does anyone know the difference between LED lights and fibre optic lights?

Also does the size of the (LED) light make a different to how the deck looks? They seem to range from 15mm to over 70mm in diameter.

Can anyone recommend a good website to purchase such lights?

Many thanks


SofiaAmes Tue 17-May-05 21:36:39

Go to a lighting store and look at them lit up so you can see what you like. Then search online for a good price for the specific thing you've picked out. They are a little different, but not very. I prefer more smaller lights, than fewer bigger lights, but it is more expensive.

hub2dee Wed 18-May-05 21:24:40

Must admit tend not to enjoy the illumination of LED lighting...

Too white, too dull, IMHO unless you make the fitting very big. On the plus side, the fitting is cool to the touch.

This is a decent site

Is the deck connected to the house or free-standing ? Does it have any structure next to it (shed / summerhouse / tree) ? I only ask because 'in-deck' lights are often not the best way to illuminate the deck. Lights on stalks (with shade) / attached to buildings / trees / spotlights uplighting adjacent planting etc. can be more effective and gentler on the eye.

If you're on a tight budget, I've found the lights at B&Q etc. are pretty good. Garden lighting, though, because it obviously needs to be waterproof can be very pricey. If the fittings will be visible, and want something special, or need particular colours / metals Hunza make lovely fittings in different finished. Look around at both sites just for design ideas.

BTW - a leading London designer has pretty pictures for ideas here

If you post more info, I'll try and suggest stuff for you.

Pam70 Mon 23-May-05 15:36:48

Sorry - forgot to check for responses to this question!!

The deck is raised and attached to the house - don't have an enormous budget but every time I typed in deck lighting, all that seemed to come up was LED or fibre optic lights.

There is a tall-ish snrub next to the deck which could be uplit (sp?) from the bottom except that the ground where the shrub gets very swmpy after rain and I would be worried about electrics so close to water.

Will probably supplement the deck lighting with some solar lights in plant pots.

That John Cullen site has some really nice stuff!

hub2dee Mon 23-May-05 16:00:24

Hi Pam 70,

With deck attached it should be very easy to take a power feed to outside.

Don't worry about the swampy ground and the electrics: chances are you will end up having the transformer in the house and only 12V outside. Also, the fittings are waterproof, so no worries there.

I'd personally steer well clear of the LED fittings unless they are super expensive (they will then give out a fair amount of light and be tolerable). They're not for me.

Solar units are a nice idea, but tend to give poor light and the battery inside them (which is recharged during the day) has a limited lifespan, so the light only goes VERY dull, instead of nice and bright, after say, 3 years.

John Cullen has selected / had manufactured some really nice fittings but $$$$.

A downlight either side of the back / lounge / kitchen door onto the deck area can also be nice.


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