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What under my nasturtiums? Black spots, black fly? good or bad?

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Starbear Thu 02-Jul-09 00:07:14

There seems to be black egg like things under the leaves. Should they be there what are they?

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Thu 02-Jul-09 00:18:06

Probably black fly. Squirt them off with the hose. Especially if you're planning to put the nasturtiums in a salad. grin

Starbear Thu 02-Jul-09 22:30:47

Thank you I didn't want to kill something good!

MsF Fri 03-Jul-09 00:16:20

I deliberately plan nasturtiums with my runner then the blackfly go on the nastutiums and leave my beans alone!!!

so i bet they are blackfly.

I'd blast them with the hose too...or if like me don't eat them...and do have other veggies growing that you'd rather stay free of blackfly...leave them to rest on the nasturtiums!!!!

Starbear Fri 03-Jul-09 19:54:17

Strange they don't gobble both! nature's a funny thing

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