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Screening help - What's the difference?

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angel1976 Sat 27-Jun-09 21:14:35


Complete garden novice here, in fact, assume DH and I know NOTHING. After more than 2 years of living in our house, we have finally got round to finishing up the garden. Last thing we need is some screening. We are mid-terrace and tiny garden. Between us and the the house on either side (only row of 3), there is a waist-high metal fence so we are pretty much completely exposed to both neighbours. The previous owner had some screening put up. It's probably the easiest and cheapest option and there are already hooks in place to attach the screening. It's just there's so many different types of screening, what is the difference between them? The prices vary quite a bit too. Here's a list I got from an online garden centre.

Bamboo Slat Fence
Fern Fence
Bamboo Cane fence
Brushwood Fence
Wicker Fence
Bark Fence
Willow Fence
Reed Fence Screen
Thatch Fence

Am tempted to go cheapest but am I going to regret it? Probably more keen on the more 'solid' type of screening i.e. bamboo as opposed to thatch.



Pannacotta Sat 27-Jun-09 23:15:49

I don't know what all of them are like, but would say that willow is the toughest and likely to last longest.
Some of the cheaper types like reed are quite thin/brittle and easily broken.
I'd spend a decent amount and go for willow, IMO it looks good, is good for screening and also filters the wind.
That said, we used Bamboo in a previous garden and it lasted for ages, though it did get a bit battered.
Also, if you wanted to grow climbers against it - for added privacy - the thicker the better.
Think B&Q and Homebase sell Willow at good prices, also this website has some nice panels,shop.browse/category,Willow+Screens

chocmate Sun 28-Jun-09 00:13:56

We used bamboo slat screening attached to the trellis along the top of our wall but this blew down in strong winds. We then put up the brushwood type and this seems to filter the wind better and its cheap.

angel1976 Sun 28-Jun-09 15:38:07

Thanks, will look at willow and brushwood then. I don't think it will take a huge battering where we are but does have to stand up to a 16-month-old constantly poking at it! grin

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