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My veg patch has been decimated. What veg can I plant in late June/early July?

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FrazzledFairyFay Fri 26-Jun-09 20:48:36

We've had tree surgeon here today and unfortunately my spinach, broccoli and parsnips have been mostly wiped out by falling branches.

So, I now have an unexpectedly large space in m veg patch, which I'd like to fill. Does anyone have any tips on what veg can be planted in late June/early July?

I don't have any experience of veg patches yet, but you can get plenty of young veg crops off market stalls at the moment, lettuce, cabbage, replacement spinach and broccoli, or you could probably do radishes or lettuce sown from seed. I think after brassicas you're supposed to sow legumes, so maybe buy some small pea plants?

wiggletastic Sat 27-Jun-09 12:36:37

I would go to your local garden centre and see what veg plants they have. Our local one had loads. Alternatively, read the back of all the seed packets and they will say when things can be grown from. I just sowed lettuce, beetroot, spring onions, spinach, cabbage, peas and cauliflower last week from seed (second sowing), and most are just starting to come up.

LaTrucha Sat 27-Jun-09 19:12:58

Off the top pf my head

Late variety carrots
Pak choi
Lettuce / Lamb's lettuce

I think you could probably put more spinach in but I wouldn't swear to it. I recently planted beans but this might be optimistic - although they have come up.

midnightexpress Sun 28-Jun-09 16:32:31

I've just ordered some purple sprouting broccoli, cabbage and leeks (small plants rather than seeds) to go in in July, with a view to overwintering them. I've also put in radishes and beetroot in the last week and salad leaves should all be fine at this time of year. If you;re in the south you might get away with french beans.

midnightexpress Sun 28-Jun-09 16:33:20

Oh, and I used this site, which has some useful information about what can go in when, and when it will harvest.

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