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Quick survey: Have you seen any ladybirds this year?? I haven't.

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Chaotica Thu 25-Jun-09 17:51:31

Yet there are greenfly everywhere and we should have a plague of them by now, like there was in 1976... (I am that old smile).

AnarchyAunt Thu 25-Jun-09 17:52:52

I have seen three.

Two of those were on the same plant 'having a cuddle' as DD put it grin

Nowhere near as many as usual.

ninah Thu 25-Jun-09 17:53:28

lots of greenfly
did find one ladybird up my trouserleg yesterday, it was freakishly huge

PortAndLemon Thu 25-Jun-09 17:53:55

I've seen one -- I remember thinking "ah, the first ladybird of summer" -- but now you mention it, I don't think I've seen any more.

Chaotica Thu 25-Jun-09 17:54:04

That's better than me then. Let's hope that their cuddle results in lots of ladybirds grin

GrimmaTheNome Thu 25-Jun-09 17:54:40

Gosh, you're right, I've not seen any yet.

SlartyBartFast Thu 25-Jun-09 17:56:18

i saw one, flipped it off my hand before i realised what it was shock

MrsMcCluskey Thu 25-Jun-09 17:56:34

Funnily enough I was looking "atthis" yesterday.
It's worrying, I havent seen any at all this year

CherryChoc Thu 25-Jun-09 17:58:29

I've seen one weird black one with yellow spots.

The abundance of greenfly is probably because there aren't many ladybirds, surely?

MaybeAfterBreakfast Thu 25-Jun-09 17:59:39

Think I've seen 3, and one was yellow rather than red.

Haven't seen any greenfly yet.

Chaotica Thu 25-Jun-09 17:59:43

MrsMcCluskey - I checked out the link. They have ladybirds posting on Twitter grin (Well, it turns out they don't when you read it again properly - might be onto something here then, unfortunately.)

Come to think of it, I think I did see one in about february (just after the snow hmm)

posieparker Thu 25-Jun-09 17:59:45

I have not seen any...I have four dcs if there were any ladybirds around I would have been notifiedwink

Chaotica Thu 25-Jun-09 18:02:43

Cherrychoc - there might well be a connection with greenfly numbers. I have seen some odd looking beetles taking up the slack and an awful lot of little spiders trying to catch them.

(I wanted to post on here as I only have my own area and a research team of three toddlers and a childminder to help me.)

LovelyTinOfSpam Thu 25-Jun-09 18:03:52

No ladybirds sad

And terrible greenfly.

And those red lily beetles that cause so much damage mating having a cuddle left right and centre.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Thu 25-Jun-09 18:05:51

no haven't seen any and usually we are over run with them.
DS2 got mobbed by a gang of greenfly in the park on Monday they were all over his (yllow) tshirt iin his hair and face and mouth.. we left, it was toooooo horrid.

CarGirl Thu 25-Jun-09 18:06:38

no ladybirds here.

Tambajam Thu 25-Jun-09 18:11:38

That's soooo odd. We are absolutely swamped with them here in North London. We have a little wall on the way to school where we often count 20+ and our garden is full of them.
However the majority are still in the juvenile stage or in the pupa still. Sorry to be patronizing but is this something you are familiar with? A juvenile ladybird is very different from an adult:
Adults have only just started emerging recently so perhaps they are later than usual.

MagicMountain Thu 25-Jun-09 18:12:28

Just the one. sad

pushkar Thu 25-Jun-09 18:25:00

hi i saw a lady bird in wandswoth common it flew onto our juice carton but it is the first i have seen
i hope they are not beginning extinct

lljkk Thu 25-Jun-09 18:26:45

Have seen a fair few ladybirds, all sizes and sorts.
But it is DEFINITELY The Summer of the Greenfly. They have been scarey in their sheer numbers. Better since it's gone drier and windier last few days.

PinkTulips Thu 25-Jun-09 18:26:58

they've been disappearing over here for a few years already sad

one so far this year but hordes of aphids

Chaotica Thu 25-Jun-09 18:33:40

Thanks for the link, Tambajam (my understanding of insects is a bit homespun smile). Unfortunately, I don't think I've seen any young ladybirds either, although I'll look out for them.

thehouseofmirth Thu 25-Jun-09 18:38:39

DS's nursery teacher was showing us all a load of baby ladybirds today on the school gate. We all realised we'd seen the larvae before but didn't know what they were.

AnarchyAunt Thu 25-Jun-09 18:39:31

We know about young ladybirds, and last summer we saw lots of them as well as lots of adults.

But this year - next to none.

What's going on? Is it an official shortage?

AnarchyAunt Thu 25-Jun-09 18:41:43

ladybird survey

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