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suedonim Sat 14-May-05 13:03:06

Any tips on preparing the ground for planting? Someone down the road (a farmer, admittedly) has just made a veggie patch and the soil is immaculate. It's as fine as sand and as smooth and level as water. How do you get it like that?

Also, when planting veg in rows, how do you make a straight drill in which to drop the seeds/plants. I use a rake or hoe but the lines are wobbly where I hit stones and clods, despite using a garden sieve to make the soil finer. I must be missing out something vital but I don't know what!

mrspink27 Sat 14-May-05 13:05:42

dig dig dig dig dig! in the autumn you have to dig and leave soil in big clods, this allows the frost a greater surface area to break down over the winter, dig in lots of organic matter, compost etc, and as for your drills get 2 pegs and a line of string and use that as a marker, my dad always had a plank of wood to stand on and as a way to keep his line straight!

just keep on digging!

suedonim Sat 14-May-05 13:35:13

But I (or rather, dh!) have dug, dug, dug etc! How come this chap down the road turned a bit of rank scrubby grass into a fine tilth in a weekend? Not fair!

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