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I need a cheap fencing solution - any suggestions?

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rickman Sat 14-May-05 11:04:46

Message withdrawn

boudicca Sat 14-May-05 11:16:32

What about bamboo ?
or that mat type stuff they use in makeover progs ?

fairydust Sat 14-May-05 11:19:00

you can get willow screening from most poundstretcgher store - i know it was on 3 for 2

Mud Sat 14-May-05 11:38:24

plant ivy?

Mud Sat 14-May-05 11:38:49

or jasmine or honeysuckle - they all grow relatively quickly (a couple of seasons) in full sun

spod Sat 14-May-05 22:19:12

def willow screening... v eay to attach to a 4' fence.... u can get it in 6' height

Evesmama Sat 14-May-05 22:20:24

grow lots of ivy/climbers to it??

rickman Sat 14-May-05 23:03:59

Message withdrawn

Toothache Sat 14-May-05 23:14:21

Rickman - I just had 6 x 6 panels put up in my garden and they were only £12.50 a panel from Homebase!! 8' posts are only £4.50.

rickman Sat 14-May-05 23:16:30

Message withdrawn

Toothache Sat 14-May-05 23:19:34

Think so! Don't know what you class as normal though. They are treated too, so all you have to do is paint them if you want to. They totally enclosed, no gaps, horizontal plank panels. HTH.

Aero Sat 14-May-05 23:24:09

Hijack (sorry, no ideas about fence) Rickman, can you email me re monday or just let me know if 11.30 for lunch at mine is ok on here. Have booked ds into creche at gym in the morning until, so am hoping this time will suit you.

Toothache Sat 14-May-05 23:26:05


rickman Sat 14-May-05 23:26:27

Message withdrawn

Aero Sat 14-May-05 23:28:14

pmsl toothache!

sparklymieow Sat 14-May-05 23:32:03

is the alleyway a public alleyway?

rickman Sat 14-May-05 23:32:25

Message withdrawn

rickman Sat 14-May-05 23:33:29

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow Sat 14-May-05 23:37:55

where i used to live, there was an alleyway that ran through the back, but anyone could use it so it was a public footpath, and the council put up silly mesh fencing, was agruing with them when we moved..

Aero Sat 14-May-05 23:40:45

Have replied!
Ps Wickes do fairly cheap panels too I think.

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