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the most basic of basic questions about bonfires!

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nannyL Tue 23-Jun-09 13:03:16

I have just been weeding my very very very over grown flower weedy grass beds.

I now have a MOUNTIAN of grass / weeds / thorny plants etc and i was wondering if it would be easier to just burn them?

My garden is mainly patio / crazy paving, but i couldnt (or at least shouldnt) do it straight on the ground should I?

I would ideally like to do it in the end bit of patio, prob 5m sqaure but i have my wooden shed thing one side and a big plant at the other...

or i could just do it in the other bit in the middle of my main garden? (closer to house)

i have never even thought about a bonfore before....

i cant believe its as simple as making a pile and lighting it with a match?
will it light easily and all burn

or do i need ti do anything first? like let the stuff dry out a bit? if so for how long?

I really dont have the 1st clue

i dont want to burn my house down or anything.

I have a (small) metal BBQ if that would help?

Will it be a disaster? am i better off just going to the tip a few hundred times with green sacks? (being allergic to the grass i dont really want it all in my car)

I havent a clue about it and if anyone could give me advice id be most greatful

would only do it in the evening when all my neighbours washing is in

nannyL Tue 23-Jun-09 13:56:10

ok i have just googled it...

and realised it is not good for people with asthma and since next doors kids suffer badly, it its hot midsummer day im gonna go to tip instead smile

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