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Mosquito larvae in the water butt

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Dophus Mon 09-May-05 17:19:08

I seem to have a thriving community of mosquitos in my water butt. I need to get rid of them before they evolve into something more sinister.

Is there anything I can add that won't then kill the plants when I use the water in the garden?


Janh Mon 09-May-05 17:24:39

<<In many homes the presence of a water butt may encourage mosquito growth. This can easily be avoided by the addition of polystyrene beads, which prevent the mosquito laying eggs on the water. Alternatively, a couple of drops of cooking oil can be added, which will produce a barrier between the surface of the water and the air above, causing the larvae to suffocate.>>

(Thank you to wonderful google for that snippet!)

Dophus Mon 09-May-05 17:27:04

Oooh - sounds like a good idea! I like the sound of the cooking oil.

Janh Mon 09-May-05 17:28:07

Me too, dophus - sounds simple, effective and (presumably) organic! Very elegant. Hope it works

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