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Goji berry experiment

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Katisha Fri 22-May-09 14:45:26

I have scraped some seeds out of some dried goji berries from the health food shop and planted them. They have germinated!

On to the next stage!

claricebeansmum Fri 22-May-09 17:34:15

Are you going to turn into "Dr" Gillian? She being the only person I know who knows what a goji berry is for!

What are you going to do with your crop? grin

Katisha Fri 22-May-09 17:38:27

I am going to eat them all and become fantastically healthy and immune to everything!

claricebeansmum Fri 22-May-09 17:39:07

Do you have to dry them in the sun first or something?

Katisha Fri 22-May-09 17:40:52

From extensive googling it seems you can eat 'em raw. (The plants will probably never get to this stage I'm sure - I 'm just rather fascinated by the idea of growing from dried fruit!)

thell Tue 26-May-09 10:51:58

good luck - I'll be fascinated to hear how this goes, for when I move from complete novice-dom to adventurous green-fingered gardener!

midnightexpress Tue 26-May-09 10:59:45

You can buy the plants to grow so I'm sure it's possible. I think they like sun.

Fillyjonk Sun 31-May-09 11:39:29

I am growing them. I got 4 plants with grow your own magazine about 4 years ago. Kids love them. I think they taste foul, a bit like tobacco hmm.

they seem to be very hardy and survive anything really, ds's vigourous hmm pruning, loads of water, no water, exposed site.

very impressed at you growing them from seed!

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